Briar Rose Nurseries

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Perry, OH 44081

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Large Tree Transplanting

Briar Rose Nurseries offers large tree transplanting and planting services.

⁃ Move existing trees onsite.

⁃ Deliver and plant large, mature trees.

With our spade truck and experienced crews we can transplant/plant trees 40′ and up.

Landscape Contractors & Architects

Searching for large trees to be brought into a site? Need to move overcrowded existing material? We can help! Our crew is experienced planting and transplanting large material. Whether it is by Spade Truck, Telehandler, or Crane we customize our planting approach for the best outcome based on site conditions.

Custom Hand Digging

Sometimes due to crowded conditions or size of the plant, we are unable to use mechanical tree spades. In these circumstances, we will hand dig and lace the tree ball for you.